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"To realize our dreams of initiating and supporting research and nurturing young talent the society seeks support from Corporate"

About Us

Art is collaboration between god and the artist and yet sometimes it requires mortal men to act as intermediaries and bring the works of art close to the people - to see, to love and to inspire. That was a dream behind legends of India - to present art forms, to help people understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India. A journey of a thousand miles. Dipayan Mazumdar took the momentous and conscious decision to do his bit to help initiate a gradual change in people's mindset by promoting India's rich traditional art forms. He knew something was to be done about it. He conceptualized and put together... Legends of India. Legends of India is now a registered society under 'Societies Registration act XXI, of 1860's with a mandate to not only organize annual festivals and other events but also undertake research and document for posterity the origins and subtle nuances and changes that the Indian art forms have undergone through centuries. From organizing live performances of renowned artists, to providing a forum for the younger talent, Legend of India is a unique institution bringing together having legends and those in the making. Legends of India was invited by Government of India to conceptualize and present a week long festival on the occasion of 53rd Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference (CPA) and The 20th Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth at New Delhi. This was a rare honor given ever to any organization.

The exposure to Indian Art Forms is restricted to the upper crust, while below its sound and glitter, the picture is gloomy. The need of the hour is a cultural resurgence that upholds the values of our cultural heritage. Unless our great art forms are recognized and involved with the education process, they will shrink and become mere showpieces in the present socio-economic situation. We need to infuse in the younger generation the greatness and importance of our rich cultural heritage. It is imperative that to improve the quality of life, younger generation should be made sensitive to what is aesthetically good in our society. This can be done by exposing them to creative expressions. We believe that Music transcends all barriers of languages, religions, geographies and hierarchies. It is the purest form of Art, Classical Music, fine-honed over centuries, has the power of healing and touches the very well-spring of Life itself. We intend to achieve the same through identifying young talents and expose them to Legends of India, an institution of excellence.
Ajiti Mishra, Prof. Aparajita Chattopadhyay, (Member,Governing Body) Ashim K Chowdhury
Dipayan Mazumdar, (Member, Governing Body)
J.J Nandi Meera Mathur, (Member,Governing Body)
Probal Ghosal, (Member, Governing Body)
Sobha Soman Upal Chakraborty, (Member,Governing Body)
Dipayan Mazumdar
Founder Chairman
Address :- J-1824, (LGF) Chittaranjan Park New Delhi 110019
Email-ID :- legendsofindia1@gmail.com
+91-98-1001-6405, 011-4160-4340
Ashim K Chowdhury Vice President Email-ID :- ashimkchowdhury@legendsofindia.org

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Prof. Aparajita Chattopadhyay
Dipayan Mazumdar
Joy Jyoti nandi
Meera Mathur
Upal Chakraborty
Ashim K Chowdhury
Devashree Bhattacharya

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